A little about this product designerd...

Jessica simply eats, breathes and sleeps design.

Strategizing and designing for various clients at ZURB—an interaction design consulting firm, I simply eat, breathe and sleep design. A few of my clients includes Samsung, SAP, JCPenney, and handful of growing startups and companies.

Aside from discovering various design solutions to create delightful and meaningful human-centered experiences, I enjoy learning just about anything, traveling the world, reading Fast Company, reflecting in nature and connecting with other passionate, curious-minded individuals. And as an ENFP, I love to inspire the world with a bit sparks, wisdom and personal thoughts.


These are the design areas I focus on


A look into my present & past


Places which have shaped my thinking
  • Front-End Development

    General Assembly, San Francisco

    Summer 2013

  • User Experience Design

    General Assembly, San Francisco

    Fall 2012

    Look ma, I made a cool project
  • Graphic Design, MFA

    Academy of Art University, San Francisco

    2010 - 2011 • Partial

  • Design Studies, BA

    San Jose State University, San Jose


Talks & Workshops

Places I had the opportunity to share my thoughts & knowledge


And with any spare time left, I enjoy being a...
  • Wanderlust

    Traveling helps me build empathy and learn about life, people & myself.

  • Daydreamer

    Hitting the pause button helps me conjure up ideas and dream big.

  • Book Worm

    Reading is one of my favorite ways to dive into other people's thoughts.

  • Letterer

    Drawing & doodling is how I shake off my day & spark creativity.

  • Hobbyist Baker

    Scones & cupcakes - I enjoy exploring the medium of sweets.

  • Coffee Connoisseur

    I love my lattes, mochas & coffeeshops.

Did You Know?

Okay, now for some fun(ny) facts. Let's get upclose & personal...
  • 01

    I'm somewhat ambidextrous

    Though a natural lefty, I browse the web and design on my computer with my right-hand. It’s pretty convenient to be able to sketch and take notes while browsing the web.

  • 02

    Every now and then, my southern accent comes out

    Though born in San Francisco, I spent most of my childhood in a little small town called Gilbert, South Carolina. Every now and then, a southern accent comes out and sits on top of my asian accent (Vietnamese is my first language).

  • 03

    I've designed top-selling products for Balsam Hill & Treetopia

    No, these were not digital solutions. I had the opportunity to design physical luxury home decor products. Among many, a few of my favorites are the Mountain Meadow, Heritage Spice and the California Baby Redwood™ Rustic Collections.

  • 04

    Once a fashionista, I was featured in Metro Silicon Valley & SanJose.com

    Once upon a long time, I was a fashionista and was featured on Metro Silicon Valley, SanJose.com, and Helium Magazine for my fashion blog called MyBFCloset, which inspired and empowered young women be creative and confident in their boyfriend's clothing. The blog no longer exist today, but checkout remnants of it.

  • 05

    I once slaved on a car assembly line, building hundreds of Toyota Camrys & Pontiac Vibes

    Encouraged by my father, for two summers I worked at NUMMI, a car factory (now the Tesla factory). Besides learning the nuts & bolts of a car, here's where I learned quite a bit about consistency, quality and empathy. And most importantly, my father wanted to teach me the importance of higher education.

"She not only can deliver incredibly strong & beautiful designs, she also exhibits some more-rare qualities that make working with her a joy."

—Carl Winter, UX Manager at Balsam Brands

Photo by Keri Fullwood for ZURB


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